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Elkhart Lions – A community force in service since 1924

  • Elkhart Lions participated in cleaning up the area along the Nibco Ice and Water Park and the Elkhart River.

New Website Unveiled

Since its beginning, the Elkhart Lions website has undergone several changes.  We’re taking another step with this revision, which is developed on an entirely new platform being used by many web developers throughout the world.  To begin with, it has been greatly simplified, with most everything available right here on the home page.  In addition, you can search for past articles, even after they disappear from the home page. Use the search bar on left side (that’s the white box and magnifying glass!) and put in a term from the article, such as ‘flower sale’, and then the little lions we have working feverishly in the background will read every article and return those that contain ‘flower sale’.  Pretty nifty, huh?
The content is being ‘categorized’ by several descriptive terms, such as PROJECTS, FUNDRAISERS, LCI, etc.  Clicking on those categories will take you to another section with those articles.  Please by patient, though, as this project is still in the learning curve phase of development.